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12 May 2012
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Tips for Poison Management and Care

12 May 2012, Comments: 0

In Lifesaving Society 1st aid courses participants will be taught to care for persons who are victims of unhealthy toxins. A lot of 1st […]

9 May 2012
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Diabetic Management and Care During First Aid

9 May 2012, Comments: 0

People who attend 1st aid classes with Regina First Aid will be taught to manage many different sudden medical emergency scenarios. Among the most […]

8 May 2012
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Are you Prepared With First Aid and CPR

8 May 2012, Comments: 0

Whenever you finish first aid education you will definitely acquire the capabilities and self-confidence to manage a number of substantial emergencies. How would you […]

5 May 2012
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CPR Combined with AED

5 May 2012, Comments: 0

AED refers to automated external defibrillator and will be a definite necessary section of first aid rescue education and learning. An AED is built […]

4 May 2012
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Care for Patients with Seizures

4 May 2012, Comments: 0

Issue: Are you capable of going through some fundamental operations for convulsions? We interact with youth with autism and a few of them have […]