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Regina first aid

Bystanders administered CPR to person having a heart attack

Bystanders from Winnipeg performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation to a person having a heart attack.  An information was posted in the website of the City of Winnipeg mentioned that bystanders tried to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation on people suffering heart attacks outside of a hospital. Prompt intervention According to the spokesman of the city, the level of a […]

Regina first aid

First aid training for Toronto Police Officers

First aid is the assistance that is given to a person suffering from sudden injury or illness. Care is provided in order to preserve life, prevent worsening of the condition and promote recovery. Necessity for first aid training The Toronto Police Service’s is planning to equip thousands of police officers with naloxone kits, but first […]

Regina first aid

Defibrillators for Canadian airlines

A defibrillator is a small device that provides high energy electric shock through the chest wall to the heart of the person who is in cardiac arrest. The high energy shock is called defibrillation which is needed in saving a life. Need for defibrillators The Consumers’ Association of Canada asked the Senate to include essential […]

Regina first aid

Drugs overdoses in Regina courthouse

A drug overdose or overdose is drinking or application of a drug in great quantities and results in a deadly state or death. Overdose of drugs can be done intentionally or accidentally. Overdose concerns Two women waiting in their cells who are scheduled to appear in court never made it before the judge, but rather […]

Regina first aid

First aid services of police officers save a little girl’s life

Two Hamilton Police officers were being recognized by paramedics for giving first aid to a little girl hit by a train in the area. The two officers were the first emergency responder to the situation. The condition of the girl was very severe. They applied a tourniquet on the injured leg to lessen the bleeding […]

Patients reunite with heart-starting first responders who saved their lives

Richard Tyczkowski could not remember anything from April 20, 2017 but those who saved his life do. It was on that day that Tyczkowski had his 6th heart attack. He was kept alive by his wife, firefighters, 2 neighbors and paramedics before transported to a healthcare facility. Life extension At the 7th yearly Essex-Windsor Emergency […]

Heart attack on a treadmill: CPR brings man back to life

Jose Guzman had a new lease on life after collapsing. The 42-year old businessman is supporting CPR training and access to defibrillators in public areas after suffering a heart attack while running at Crunch, formerly World Gym on Lauzon Road. Timely assistance A stranger came to his rescue. Dominick Matta, a 19-year old trained lifeguard […]

‘They would have died’, a Saskatoon man says after a Naloxone kit helped him save 2 lives

After receiving a call on Monday morning, Spring Gagne moved into action. A friend who he calls a brother was in a Riverside home with a second man who overdosed on drugs. Desperate call His friend knew that Gagne has a Naloxone kit which holds medication that can briefly block the effects of opioids such […]

Reaction to near-drowning was quick, parent says

According to a Saskatoon mother, the city’s public-school division did a good job in calming students who were present when a young girl was rescued from a city pool during a year-end trip. Prompt intervention The children of Tanya Napper in Grade 3 and Grade 5 were present at the Lawson Civic Centre when lifeguards […]

Regina first aid

Good Samaritans, CPR and defibrillator save man at Saskatoon friendship center event

When his heart ceases to beat, he collapsed at a round dance at the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre Wednesday night but revived by strangers. Tim Yee, manager of the anti-homelessness program at the downtown community centre and Danielle Borix, a caseworker in the program were volunteering at the yearly feast and round dance honoring […]

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