About Us

At Regina First Aid we are committed to offering the best in first aid and CPR training in Saskatchewan. We have been offering our programs since 2012 and since then have trained over 10,000 people in Regina. We look forward to seeing you at our training centre to get the latest in rescue training.

Who We Are

Mark Kasha

Mark Kasha has been working with Regina First Aid since 2012. He has helped with website development, course management and on-line registration. His focus is on providing the best on-line service to individuals looking for more information on first aid and for quick and easy registration.

Jaime Cacom

Jaime has been on the Regina First Aid team since 2012. He is the general hiring manager and oversee’s day to day instructors. He has a passion for teaching and health and encourages the latest teaching techniques with the latest first aid and CPR rescue methods as provided through ILCOR.

Eli Soss

Eli is the manager of the customer service department. He is incredibly patient and detail oriented in his job of help customers with all of there questions and concerns. He believes that good customer service is the back bone of Regina First Aid.

Ibrar Yub

Ibrar has been our technical support specialist for our program and website since 2014. He specializes in on-line registration programs and secure website programming. He ensure that all your personal information on our website adheres to our privacy policy and stays safe.


Erin is our lead weekday instructor. She is an enthusiastic instructor with a passion for teaching. She has been teaching for Regina First Aid since 2017. She is known for her patience and her quick wit in the classroom.


Dale is Regina First Aid’s lead weekend instructor. He is known for his comedic approach and his knowledge on first aid. He has been teaching with Regina First Aid since 2017.

Our Commitment To You

We promise to offer you an educational, safe and welcoming space for learning. Our focus is on providing the latest first aid, CPR, food safety and AED information in a well maintained and friendly environment. We look forward to hosting you in our classroom.


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