Basic Life Support

Regina First Aid offers trainees two kinds of Basic Life Support programs, one for the general public and the other for healthcare providers. While more students enroll in the former, the latter is still in very high demand among people working in health care. If you are in need of basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, Regina First Aid offers both training programs and respective certification for training.

Studying Basic CPR with Regina First Aid

Basic Life Support for Health Care Provider courses teach students how to manage out-of-hospital cardiopulmonary emergencies. Because this course is targeted towards health care providers (HCPs), the course content is a little more advanced and the overall pace of the course is faster than the course for the general public (laymen).  You can expect to learn the following topics from a BLS for HCPs course at Red Deer.

  • The latest CPR guidelines (2010 updates)
  • Performing high-quality CPR
  • The Chain of Survival
  • Performing one and two-rescuer CPR
  • Automated defibrillation
  • Bag valve mask ventilations
  • Choking management of infants, children, and adults

There are other topics included in training, all focusing on what a health care provider can do without proper medical equipment and medication.

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers runs for 4.5 hours. Refresher classes for BLS for HCPs is a little short, only 4 hours. After taking either of the programs, the trainee still has to pass a set of exams – a written and practical exam – before he or she is given a BLS for HCPs training credential.

Validity of your BLS credential

Basic Life Support credentials (and other credentials we award students with) are valid all over Canada, not just in Regina. They have to be replaced every 36 months once they expire. To get a new BLS training credential, the trainee no longer has to retake the BLS program, he or she just has to enroll in a refresher class and take another set of exams. The new certificate they will be granted is also valid for 36 months before renewal has to be done again.

Visit us today and get a head start on your CPR training! We have other programs available – Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

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