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Regina first aid

Young brothers perform CPR to save grandmother’s life

CPR was performed by young brothers on their grandmother. Patti Chatterson and her 2 grandsons were settling in for a movie night. It was 5 minutes into the film when the 62-year’s old heart ceased to beat. When Grayson Wu, 7-years old asked his grandmother a question, she did not answer. Life on the line […]

Regina first aid

Why men at higher risk for sudden cardiac death

There are various tragic stories involving sudden cardiac death. If sudden cardiac death occurs, it is often due to a congenital heart defect that was unnoticed. This same condition can arise at any age, but in the later years, certain lifestyle factors might be the cause instead of a birth defect. In most cases, it […]

Regina first aid

Drugs overdoses in Regina courthouse

A drug overdose or overdose is drinking or application of a drug in great quantities and results in a deadly state or death. Overdose of drugs can be done intentionally or accidentally. Overdose concerns Two women waiting in their cells who are scheduled to appear in court never made it before the judge, but rather […]

‘They would have died’, a Saskatoon man says after a Naloxone kit helped him save 2 lives

After receiving a call on Monday morning, Spring Gagne moved into action. A friend who he calls a brother was in a Riverside home with a second man who overdosed on drugs. Desperate call His friend knew that Gagne has a Naloxone kit which holds medication that can briefly block the effects of opioids such […]

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