Dealing with Measles through Regina First Aid Classes

Aside from the fact that Saskatchewan has the most number of preventable accident-related deaths in all of Canada, another reason why it is important for residents to take Regina first aid classes is because recent health trends suggest that the city is suffering from a highly contagious outbreak.

What disease is causing the outbreak?

Gauze Package for First Aid

Gauze Package for First Aid

According to the public health advisory that was released by the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region and the Ministry of Health in January 20, 2014, the public must be wary of a possible measles outbreak in the city of Regina. In this report, the cases of measles were contracted in 12 public establishments such as the Argyle Park Community and Walmart. In an updated public advisory which was released after four days after the previous advisory, two new and very public locations were added which include the Chapters bookstore together with the Starbucks coffee branch that is attached to it.

Considering that the places where the disease was contracted are very public and that measles is highly contagious, this means that the number of people who might have already contracted the disease without knowing it or is already a carrier is very high. Hence, those who have never visited these places can also be at risk for contracting measles.

What makes measles so contagious?

One of the reasons why measles is highly contagious is that it can be transmitted through air. If a person is unfortunate enough to stand near a person who has measles and is coughing or sneezing, the possibility of contracting the disease is very high. Another reason why it is highly contagious is that the symptoms usually start after seven days of contracting the disease. During these seven days, the infected person is already at a very infectious stage which means that he or she can infect other people without even knowing it.

How do Regina first aid classes help?

In first aid classes, trainees are taught how to handle people who are infected with a contagious or communicable disease without putting themselves in danger. This enables them to perform certain medical procedures without putting their own lives at risk. This means that taking Regina first aid classes can help teach trainees how to take care of infected individuals. Through these classes, residents will also learn how to protect themselves by using simple devices such as face masks whenever they need to leave the house so that they will not acquire the disease even during an outbreak.


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