Emergency Preparedness Kit

 Unique Holiday Gifts

Tired of thinking about the best and unique holiday gift? Why not emergency preparedness kit? Emergency preparedness kits make useful holiday gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Emergency preparedness is something everyone needs. This coming holiday season, why not consider emergency preparedness supplies and equipment?

Being ready for any type of emergency is essential for everyone, yet only few would think about having life-saving items and supplies. This holiday, do your friend or loved ones a favor by gifting them with something they can use in an emergency. Here are different emergency preparedness items that you can choose from.

Emergency Radio

In times of disasters or calamities, you will need to stay informed. A battery-powered or rechargeable emergency radio is perfect for emergencies. There are different self-powered radios available today. Some rechargeable radios even have special communication device that can be used in case the grid has stopped.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Courses

First Aid Courses

An important aspect in emergency preparedness is to have a well-stocked first aid kit. Scrapes, burns, cuts, bites, broken bones, and other problems can result in an emergency situation. You can either assemble a simple first aid kit or buy a pre-packaged first aid kit. These first aid kits can be brought in the car or just at home. First aid kits can help ensure a good outcome in cases of emergencies.

Survival Knife

Perfect for people who love the outdoors, a hunting or survival knife is all you need to survive in the wilderness. Use your survival knife to prepare your dinner, cut some small branches, or start a fire if you ever you find yourself lost in the outdoors. Survival knives come in different sizes and designs that you can match to the one you are giving it to.

Survival Blanket

Survival blanket is one important emergency preparedness item that you need to have. Being trapped in the cold of the night could be fatal. Thermal blankets provide an effective way to stay warm in emergencies. These are actually cheap but very useful survival items. These thermal blankets can be carried in the car or kept at home, and can be used in any situation where you might get cold.

Fire Starter

If the person receiving your gift loves the outdoors, a fire starter would be great holiday gift. You do not know what will happen while exploring nature, so be prepared in case you find yourself in a tough situation. A magnesium fire starter could do so much fighting off the cold of the night.

First Aid Training Course

Lastly, why not take up a first aid training course? A critical factor in emergency


is to equip yourself with essential life-saving skills that you can use in different emergency situations. It is the best gift you can give to your loved ones. Spending a day or two in first aid is certainly worth your time. Contact your local workplace approved chapter now for details. First aid courses are available throughout the year and can be taken during your free time.


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