First Aid for Spinal Injuries

First Aid Regina is a leading provider of workplace approved CPR AED training courses certification. Courses such as emergency and standard first aid, which are both offered at First Aid Regina, teach participants about recognizing and treating patients for spinal injuries.

After contacting EMS personnel to arrive, ensure that the victim’s head and spine move as little as possible as even minute movements may increase damage. If they are sporting a helmet, only remove it under a life or death act. This rule applies to movement in general. If the situation arises where movement is deemed necessary then provide as much support to said damaged regions and use whatever materials or bystanders required. In order to properly transfer a person who has suffered an injury in the spinal area, you will require a spine board and 2 other first aiders. A spine board is any flat non metal board that is the same length as the person. One first aider will be deemed the leader and he/she will be the person at the victim’s head. The other first aiders will then kneel on the same side as the injured person and as the head supporter supports the victim’s head and neck, the other first aiders will support the feet, chest hips and knees. When given the approval from the leader, all first aiders will slowly and gently roll the person towards their side while maintaining the head and neck be kept in line with the rest of the body. The spinal board will then be placed behind the person and upon the signal of the leader, first aiders will then roll the back of the person onto the board uniformly. Once the individual is properly secured, first aiders will then immobilize the victim by wrapping bandages around the person and board including their forehead, chest, waist, legs and ankles. H.A.IN.ES. stands for high arm in endangered spine. This procedure will help protect the airway and reduce sideways head and neck movement. If a victim who has suffered from spinal injury needs to be left alone then one should put them in said H.A.IN.ES position. If you wish to receive workplace approved CPR AED certification training courses, please contact First Aid Regina at your earliest convenience.

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