First Aid Regina Emphasizes Basic Tips at the Scene of an Accident

First Air Regina offers training to its students enrolled in all of its courses to know their role at the scene of an accident. Some basic principles will help the injured party while maintaining your safety at all time. As a workplace approved card holder, it is advisable to plan ahead by having first aid kits easily accessible at work and at home.

If you do witness an emergency, First Aid Regina suggests that individuals act accordingly by providing help no matter who the ill or injured person is. It is important to call for help and give first aid until help arrives. If no one is nearby, you should not leave the injured party but rather commence providing first aid. Just because other people are on the scene, do not assume that help is being provided or even notified. If someone else is providing first aid then you may offer to control the crowd, call EMS/9-1-1, get supplies or comfort the ill/injured individuals at the scene. Your personal safety is priority at all times. If the injured party is in the middle of a mob or riot and you feel your personal security is at risk, do not risk being a second victim. If the injured party is in water and you do not have any swimming experience, then it is not advisable to jump in. If there are power lines surrounding the injured victim, do not move them with away with your bare hands. It is suggested that you care and tend for the injured the same way you would want someone to help you or your family. If in any situation you feel upset or sick, then you should calm down and take a few deep breaths before you deal with the situation. It is important to try your best but also do not try to do something if you do not know what to do. There are specific laws that protect first aiders which vary from province to province.

If you require further information, provincial legislation for Regina is available under “The Emergency medical Aid Act, RSS 1978 Chap E-8.” By reading up on these laws, you can help protect yourself legally. First Aid Regina’s courses in CPR will give its clients the training to handle these situations beyond the basic tips covered here so please contact us for registration info.

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