First Aid Regina will offer Emergency First Aid, CPR/AED and Standard First Aid.

First Aid Regina is pleased to offer a variety of courses for different needs. Our participants will be able to explain their awareness of hazards as well as preventative measures to avoid injuries and illness. Our teachers will explain how the emergency medical services (EMS) system works and explain their role. Simply calling 911 in an emergency is not sufficient as providing the correct immediate assistance in an accident will greatly help the injured party.

First Aid Regina will also teach our clients when and how to move an injured person in an emergency situation. Some examples are when a person fell from a ladder, a car accident or when a power line fell down. Another important lesson is to identify the signs and symptoms of shock and how to minimize it. Our pupils will also learn the different roles each body system plays and their effects if one fails. Identifying and caring for choking and breathing emergencies is another case that is covered in CPR training. Furthermore, identifying major risk factors in regards to cardiovascular disease and how to minimize such factors is strongly emphasized. We will go into depth on the signs and symptoms of a possible heart attack and how to care for an individual who may be experiencing chest pain.

We will help our participants how to identify and control deadly bleeding. Another objective is to identify the signs and symptoms of respiratory and cardiac arrest and have our clients confidently provide CPR/AED until EMS arrives. Standard First Aid courses will cover all of the above objectives as well as identifying the signs and symptoms from a variety of wounds whether it be from bone, muscle or joint injuries in addition to providing care for them. Students will also identify the signs and symptoms of medical and environmental emergencies such as poisoning and heart/cold related emergencies as well as providing appropriate care. St Mark James Training First Aid courses emphasize the basic steps to cover in the event of an emergency. By completing your training at First Aid Regina whether it be Emergency First Aid, CPR/AED or a Standard First Aid course, the lessons will help provide a safer working environment for yourself and those around you.

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