First Aid Regina’s Personal Precautions

First Aid Regina stresses the following personal precautions regardless of CPR training you require. It is extremely important to wash your hands frequently as this is the best step to prevent disease transmission. Always wash thoroughly with warm/hot water and plenty of soap. It is important to wash after removing your gloves and then check your clothing for any contamination. If your clothes are contaminated, wash in hot water and soap but if they are too damaged to be kept then dispose of them properly. You need to handle all blood and other body fluids as if they are infectious materials. If you are unsure the history of a person, just assume to handle with extreme care. You must always perform first way in a way to reduce exposure to blood and other body fluids. If you think you may be exposed to an infectious disease then you must ask your physician immediately about a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Your mom always says cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze and we recommend the same. Airborne diseases can easily be transmitted and spread quickly if nobody covers their mouth when they sneeze. If you are ill with a cold or flu, you should avoid shaking hands with others in order to reduce the possibility of getting them sick. If you have any cuts, scrapes or sores then you need to keep them covered to reduce the possibility of transmitting or receiving extremely dangerous diseases. If you are entering an area that may be exposed to infectious materials, do not eat, drink or touch your mouth, eyes or nose with your hands. Try to wear protective goggles, mask and gloves if available. It is extremely important to keep your immunizations up to date. If you are travelling to a foreign destination then be sure to ask if you need any immunizations from your local physician. Be sure to know the location of your first aid kid and keep all the equipment up to date. Be sure to include gloves, goggles, masks, resuscitation devices and proper containers inside. The containers can help dispose of contaminated waste. First Aid Regina hopes these simple tips will reduce our readers from any disease and if you require further assistance regarding courses or CPR training feel free to contact us.

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