Pet First Aid and CPR

Taking Care of Your Pet

Caring for a pet is very difficult. Their inherent high levels of energy means they either cause trouble or get in to it. It’s much like taking care of a young child – a toddler in his or her terrible twos. Despite this, a lot of homes in Canada have pets. Because just like having children, having a pet can bring you joy and comfort – and most of all, love. When pets get hurt, it’s like seeing your child get hurt. In a Pet First Aid and CPR class, you will learn how to manage a variety of pet injuries and emergencies.

Pet First Aid and CPR Training

Regina First Aid has a pet first aid and CPR course available once a month. Our slots tend to run out fast, so we encourage everyone to sign up early for the schedule they want. You can find an available slot below; we have made a list of schedules available. You can start your enrollment process with the online form or at our facility, during business hours from 8 AM to 5 PM.

The Pet First Aid and CPR class runs for four hours. It costs 79.99 dollars plus tax. Everything is included in the training fees – certification, training manuals, and use of training equipment. We won’t ask you to pay anything else after enrollment.

The course includes a lot of basic topics such as wound care, cardiac emergencies, and poisoning management – typical situations pets get into.

Pet First Aid and CPR Certification

The pet first aid and CPR course we offer is a credentialing course. Students who are able to complete the program and pass the final exam are awarded training credentials. You can choose not to take the exam and opt out of certification if you don’t need it. Certificates for Pet First Aid and CPR do not expire and students don’t need to take refresher courses every few years to keep the validity of their credentials. We do, however, encourage certified trainees to retake training every few years to get updated.

Getting started on training: Household Hazards

The home is one of the most common sources of a pet emergency, specifically substances found in the home. Food is a common cause of poisoning because certain food items are deadly to pets. Keep the following food items away from your pets: ground coffee, chocolate, yeast dough, Macadamia nuts, fatty food, Avocado, grapes, raisins, onions, tea, alcohol, salt, and garlic.

Cleaning products are generally safe to use as instructed (e.g. cleaning) but if a pet (or even a human!) ingests the product directly, it can cause internal damage. Remember to store your cleaning products safely and securely away from pets and small children. Also, remember to keep the products in their original packaging – those usually have instructions about what to do during an emergency situation where someone ingests the product.

Visit us during our office hours and sign up for Pet First Aid and CPR. If you need certification, sign up below. We will get back to you during the next business day.

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