Proper Procedure During a Heart Attack Emergency

First Aid Regina aims to provide comfortable classrooms for CPR/AED courses/training authorized by the workplace approved. If your patient suddenly experiences a heart attack, be sure to take charge of the situation. Do not wait for bystanders or assume that there are other individuals present that someone else might offer assistance. Then, you must call EMS/9-1-1 immediately as they have the necessary knowledge and equipment to properly help the individual. As you are waiting for EMS to arrive, try to make the individual as comfortable as possible by loosening tight clothing at the neck, chest and waist. If the person is conscious and can comprehend commands then advise them to take necessary medication. There are five rights for medication. Make sure it is the right medication and follow the label. Be sure to administer the right amount. If it marked for one pill then only give them one pill. Make sure to give it to them at the right time. If it says 3 times a day and they already took it 3 times then do not give them more. Another important rights of medication is to make sure it is the right person. Make sure the person’s name matches the name on the label of the medicine container and be sure to give the right method and read the directions carefully. Ask the person if they took any medication for erectile dysfunction. If the person has nitroglycerin (tablets or spray) then advise them to take it unless they recently taken Viagra, Cialis, Levitra etc. If the person takes nitroglycerin it may cause extremely low blood pressure. Nitroglycerin will work as soon as 1-3 minutes and will last for 5 minutes and helps pain relief. A person can take a maximum of three doses. They may carry acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) unless they are asthmatic. ASA will not make chest pain go away but helps stop clotting in the arteries thus reducing damage to the heart and it is important not to repeat the dosage. Advise them to take two ASA tablets (80 mg each) or on regular-strength adult ASA tablet (325mg). Additional procedure information during a heart attack are taught in our CPR/AED courses/training at any First Aid Regina class.

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