Regina First Aid: Head and Spine Injuries

Regina First Aid realizes that head and spinal injuries may be reduced if individuals seek the proper training that is provided with workplace approved CPR courses. These major structures in the human anatomy are essential in the body system. By having a better understanding of these two separate yet equally important systems, one can better determine symptoms that will result of the failure of such body systems.

The nervous system is the most important system as it is the most complex and delicate system of the human body. The brain is the equivalent of the body’s CPU as it controls all of the procedures for the body. It does this by regulating all body functions whether it be respiratory or circulatory systems. In order to do this, the brain transmits and receives information through nerves which are a network throughout your body. The greatest center of nerves is housed inside the spinal cord which ranges from the brain all the way down to your spine/backbone. These nerves then extend to all other parts of the body.

If one starts to experience mild or moderate headaches, these may be caused by a number of factors. While taking ibuprofen, aspirin or naprosyn may reduce the symptoms, it will not reduce intracranial hemorrhage or bleeding if that is the cause of the headache. Any prolonged headache should be notified to your local health care provider or doctor. Another symptom may be feeling more sleepy as this may be a sign of a concussion. If others are noting your mood as being more irritable, cranky or moody this may not be an attack on your personality but be attributed to a head injury. Another factory is having a shorter attention span or poor memory in general. While some people may attribute this to growing older, it should not be overlooked as a potential sign of a head injury. A clear indicator of a head injury is being dizzy which is one of the first attributes that a head injury has occurred. This clear indicator will shout that you have a head injury even if you did not take first aid training or a CPR course from a workplace approved affiliated school such as Regina First Aid. An unlikely factor is having an upset stomach. One would not assume that having an upset stomach would be an indication of head trauma as the two organs have separate locations on the body and polar opposites in terms of function. Lastly, vomiting is another indication that you may have a concussion or some form of traumatic brain injury. While a single indicator is not a clear sign of a head injury, a few of these symptoms coupled with a recent physical event of great force may require you to seek medical aid.

Regina First Aid recommends all individuals of all job positions to undertake proper training with an accredited CPR course. Its benefits will greatly reduce injuries to yourself and those around you and hasten the identification and healing of the injured party.


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