When to Move a Person Prior to Providing First Aid

First Aid Regina wants to inform the public that do not have CPR training or courses on when it is appropriate to move a person. It is extremely important to stress that the safety of the person providing First Aid is top priority. This person needs to asses the situation the injured party is in and recognize if they need to move the ill/injured person immediately. The fundamental guide to protect everyone involved during an emergency is to only move the injured party if the first aider can comfortably handle the size/weight of the ill/injured person. It does not make any sense for a 90lb individual to attempt to move a 400lb individual. In order to minimize injury to the first aider, they should bend at the knees and lift using the muscles in your legs and do not put strain on your back. Your leg muscles are stronger than your back muscles and only using your back muscles improperly will cause back injury. It is important to take short steps to prevent tripping and to keep a watchful eye on the terrain. As best as possible, try to protect the ill/injured’s head and spine from any further injury. In general, it is best to asses the dangers at the scene. Are there any physical dangers such as power wires, a flood or an angry mob. Next step, it is to estimate the size of the ill or injured person. Are you able to move this person’s dead weight by yourself? In addition, you should estimate your physical capability. Are you a healthy individual who frequents the gym three times a week and can bench 200 lbs or do you eat a lot of fast food and sit on the computer all day. You should be able to estimate how much lifting based on your own critical judgement. If there are other people around then it is advisable to ask them for help (as long as it is not an angry mob). Be sure to instruct them how to carefully move them and do not try to further injure the head/spinal area. Finally it is important to assess the condition of the ill/injured person. If you have any questions about the topics covered on this online CPR training course, please feel to contact First Aid Regina for help.

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