Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

Safety in Canadian Occupations

Canada places great importance on the safety of its working population, as every country should. However, every occupation comes with risks – some more than others. In Canada, strict regulations are placed on businesses of facilities that handle hazardous materials (HAZMAT). HAZMAT is considered a controlled substance, meaning certain regulations apply to handling or transporting it. To decrease the risk of an accident, the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System was created by the government and business organizations in Canada.

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What is the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System?

In shorthand, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System is known as WHMIS. It is a system that is enforced all over Canada, on the proper labeling of controlled product containers and the training of the staff handling them. Its different facets are enforced to keep the public safe as these hazardous materials are contained and transported.

The supplier of the HAZMAT is responsible for labeling, providing safety data sheets, and training employees.

What is a controlled product?

A controlled product is specified by the government, with six classifications:

A – Compressed gas

B – Flammable/combustible material

C – Oxidizing material

D – Poisonous and infectious material

E – Corrosive materials

F – Dangerously reactive material

It is the supplier’s responsibility to determine if something is a controlled product. The supplier can use someone else’s results in the material itself or the results of a test on a material with similar properties. If these two are not available, the supplier has to perform the test. This does not include controlled substances that fall under Class D (material that is poisonous or infectious).

Where can I get WHMIS training?

WHMIS training is offered at Regina First Aid, one of the top-tier training providers in Canada. The WHMIS program we offer students is a credentialing course; make sure to finish training with complete attendance and passing grades on the certification exam. It is available as a classroom course and an online course.

WHMIS classroom training runs for four hours and costs 49.99 dollars. Certificates do not expire. (6 units)

WHMIS online training runs for three hours and costs 29.99 dollars. Certificates do not expire. (6 modules)

Note: In the online course, a student needs to pass each module before proceeding to the next one. There are short quizzes at the end of each unit as well. These scores are recorded even after a student has been certified so he/she can request additional copies of his/her certification if needed.

Enrollment for a Regina First Aid WHMIS course is simple. We have made a schedule available below for interested students. Once you have chosen a schedule, give us a call or send an e-mail to see if a slot is available. You may also enroll immediately via the online form (below as well), but your slot will only be confirmed during the next business day. If you enroll in person at the training location, your slot will be confirmed immediately.

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